All Adoptable Cats


boots largeColour: Black & White
Breed: DSH
DOB: 2004
Sex: Male/Neutered
Arrival Date: August 27 2016

Boots-a special introvert, so gentle and easy going and so in need of a human to be his best friend. His human had to move and poor Boots couldn't go with him so he's come to RCHS for help to find a new home. When he's happy he has a special way of holding his tail in a curl over his back.

He had some crystal problems in the past and needs to stay on special veterinary food for life but other than that he's just had a complete checkup and a dental cleaning. 

Now if he could just find a relatively quiet home he'd keep that tail curled forever.


cash largeColour: Black
Breed: DSH
DOB: Spring 2007
Sex: Male/Neutered
Arrival Date: November 25/07

Cash thought he was set for life in a loving foster home along with his older and more worldly friend and mentor, Big Felix, but after three happy years it all came to a sudden end when the apartment building changed owners and Cash and Felix had to leave.

Cash hasn't had many breaks in life from being born into a large cat colony, trapped as an older kitten and named after Johnny Cash (because of his sleek black hair). He was relocated to our cat shelter when he was about six months old and once he settled in he won fans among the volunteers for his ability to dance on his hind legs for treats and attention. Unfortunately for him he retained his scaredy cat ways and since he was black he was for ever passed over by potential adopters because he didn't have all the right social skills to make new friends. He's a handsome but reserved cat gentleman and would be eternally grateful for the opportunity to share your quiet life -especially if Felix could come along too.

Cash has had his full geriatric work up and dental cleaning and is ready to go.

Francine (special needs)

francine largeColour: Black & White
Breed: DSH

DOB: 2005
Sex: Female/Spayed
Arrival Date: October 05/06

Francine is very timid but a very sweet cat and we would like to see her have a chance at a normal life and a real home as opposed to scurrying about an industrial yard and never getting enough food or shelter. Francine has made great progress overcoming some of her fears since she came to us in 2006. Francine has been at the shelter for a long time and may take quite a while to adjust to a new home. But with enough love and patience, she may be able to adjust because she does love attention and petting when she gets to know you. Best for a quiet home.


chester largeColour: Grey & Tabby
Breed: DSH
DOB: March 2007
Sex: Male/Neutered
Special Needs: FIV Positive

Chester was diagnosed with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) when he first came to RCHS and went to a foster home where had been so happy and well for 4 1/2 years but sadly his foster mom got an agressive form of cancer and died one month after her diagnosis. He's a real sweetheart, kinda shy, very loving and loves to be petted, really enjoys a shoulder scratching too! He needs to be an indoor cat only and preferably an only "child".


harrah large2Colour:
Calico & White

Breed: DSH
DOB: February 2009
Sex: Female/ Spayed
Arrival Date: September 28/10

Harra is a big and beautiful diva who couldn’t cope with the shelter environment so she quit eating and crashed and nearly died. In a foster home she was coaxed back to health but she has retained her diva personality and finicky eating habits and now at age four is quite set in her ways. She is friendly when she feels like it and if she wants love she’ll come to you, but don’t bother trying to make a lap cat out of this one! She’d prefer to be a one and only cat, and no dogs or children need apply!


felix largeColour: Black
Breed: DSH
DOB: 2003
Sex: Male/Neutered
Arrival Date: January 26/11

Felix lived happily with his own personal human for the first eight years of his life and had no idea that he was a "cat" so it came as quite a shock when he found himself surrounded by "cats " in a shelter. He's a big guy with a big personality-totally outgoing and self confident and he loves people and is far more comfortable with humans than other cats but he's developed a tolerant camaraderie with poor socially challenged Cash and they've had three perfectly wonderful years together. It would be the finest act of kindness for them to have a home together in their remaining time. Felix has had the complete geriatric check up plus a dental and would leave that shelter in a heartbeat!


beachesi largeColour: Black & White
Breed: DSH
Sex: Female/Spayed
DOB: August 01/09
Arrival Date: October 25/16

Her name is Beaches but her people called her "Kitty". She's been an only cat since kittenhood and lived with adults only so not used to much "action". Her People are moving to Alberta to live with relatives and there is an allergy concern. (If Kitty - Bea's folks get a place of their own and she not adopted she might move to Alberta). She's a reserved introvert but not mean and once she gets to know someone, she's friendly. Needs a quiet home with adults only.