The following are just some of the many ways RCHS has helped animals and their owners this year ...

provided care for 28 compassionate boarding cats, 12 of which were surrendered and RCHS then paid for all required veterinary care including dentals, lab tests, spays and neuters to prepare them for adoption.


assisted low/fixed income residents of NW with 90 low and no cost spays and neuters including vaccines and tattoos for cats and dogs.


provided funding for animals with urgent emergencies including the following:

- cat with back leg fracture ($1200.00); cat with necrotic prolapsed uterus ($1000.00)

-trapped feral cat with plastic strap embedded in shoulder and chest ($500.00)

-cat that fell 3 floors to pavement, mouth fracture and lacerated paw ($800.00)

-cat with large neglected abscess who required surgery and owner had no money ($400.00)

- 2 dogs from Russell Hotel received X-rays and pain medication 

-a male cat with urinary blockage when senior owner had exhausted his funds ($500.00)

-2 elderly dying cats of homeless people by providing humane euthanasia ($300) 


provided lab tests to diagnose and funds for medication for 1 diabetic cat and 2 hyperthyroid cats of New Westminster residents (ongoing)


regularly supplies food and litter for cats of residents at Rhoda Kaellis House; regularly participates in community outreach programs and provides free food and litter; provided spays/neuters vaccines etc. for 6 trapped feral cats


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RCHS announces a change in direction

We wish to advise all our supporters of a change in our scope of operations effective October 30,2019.

We have been fortunate to have had a donated cat shelter space in New Westminster since the spring of 2006 and hundreds of volunteers to donate their time and efforts to give so many cats the care they deserve until we were able to place them in homes. And now -- to coincide with the completion of the new City of New Westminster shelter on Boyne Street in Queensborough -- we have closed our cat shelter as of October 30, 2019. The New Westminster shelter offers a modern and comfortable place with safeguards and space to prevent outbreaks of disease which were, unfortunately, lacking at our shelter.

We are not, however, going out of business! We will continue to provide for our 60 plus special needs and senior cats in foster care as well as maintaining our low cost spay/neuter program to prevent the proliferation of homeless cats and kittens. Read more …